G3 RH is a complete human resources management and payroll solution aimed at companies with over 500 employees.

G3 stands out for its flexibility, allowing recurring, massive, individual and exceptional operations to be carried out easily.

G3 allows the creation and configuration of multiple earnings and deductions items and assign them to employees on a recurring or individual basis. Custom registration forms for documents, education, certifications, courses can be configured to meet the needs of each company.

G3 offers an employee portal where they can request vacations, confirm scheduled attendance and approve vacations for their subordinates.

Area leaders can plan ongoing training for their team and monitor course completion. Employees can sign up for courses and see what skills they lack for the position they're applying for.

Companies with more than 100 employees need multiple profiles to access employee data. In G3, what data and from which employees each user can see is regulated by role. For example, you can configure that regional managers can view all the data from all employees in a region. Functional leaders can view their team's attendance, training, competencies, and vacations. The employee can see their own data, request vacations, confirm attendance and download their pay slips.

G3 RH is offered as a cloud service (SaaS, Software as a Service). The customer does not need to provision hardware, base software, application software, or spend resources managing the IT infrastructure.

Compensation Policy

Companies need a clear and transparent compensation policy as a mechanism for attracting and retaining talent. The compensation policy needs to evolve together with the organization, adapting to the situation.

G3 allows the configuration of concepts of fixed and variable earnings, allowing the company to implement fixed bonuses, performance-based incentives, etc. The employee can easily see how their salary is composed as well as the goals achieved for performance-based incentives.

Area and functional leaders can also see how performance goals are being met, making it easier to discuss with the team.

Talent Management

Companies depend on the talent of their workers. Circumstances are constantly changing and companies that adapt and excel in workforce development are the most successful.

With G3, necessary competencies are defined for the positions and courses to develop the competencies. G3 offers an analysis of missing competencies, which allows leaders to strategically train their employees.

Multidimensional Organization

G3 allows you to organize your staff in a multidimensional way by location, region, business unit, cost center, area, division and team. Each dimension is independent, which easily allows you to analyze costs, performance, salary policy, etc. in a pivot table or OLAP tool.

Dimensions are also useful for defining which employees a user can view. For example, a user can view all employees in their business unit and their location (both restrictions must be met). Another user can see only the members of his team regardless of location and business unit.

The multidimensional definition combined with the operational definition (what operations the user can carry out) defined in the role, allow G3-RH to be useful not only to those who calculate salaries, but to all members of the organization who need specific information from their collaborators.

Time and Attendance

G3 goes far beyond attendance control, that is, calculating hours worked and overtime based on check-ins and check-outs.

Companies need to schedule work in the future and communicate the schedule to stakeholders. For example, it is possible to configure a role in G3 that allows the members of a team to see what days and at what times their colleagues will be available, who will be on vacation, in a client's office or in home office.

Reported work can be posted to a project, project activities and customers. G3 Projects uses this information to calculate costs and bill customers with the work performed. Service suppliers can also be given access to G3 and report work and materials in G3.

Planned and actual attendance can also be reported by crews. This feature is very useful for construction companies, gastronomy and hotels.