G3 is a modern and uncomplicated ERP platform for SMBs:

  • Multidimensional accounting.

  • Expense reports and reimbursements.

  • Procurement and accounts payable.

  • Inventories

  • Sales and accounts receivable.

  • Project management through the additional module G3-Projects.

  • Human resources and payroll management through the additional module G3-RH.

  • Production automation through the additional module G3-Automation.

  • E-Commerce through the additional module G3-Store.

  • Integration with Amazon Quicksight and other data analytics tools.

Multidimensional Accounting

Multidimensional accounting enables financial analysis by business unit, region, location, cost center, project and account. G3 assures consistent dimension usage for each ledger account.


G3 offers a simple solution for maintaining an adequate inventory of products, parts and materials, from materials requirement and RFQs to receiving goods and accounts payable.

The procurement process is integrated to the production requirements. Eg. if you want to produce 500 individualized prosthetic legs, G3 will tell you the quantities of the missing materials and parts and generate the RFQs. G3 will help you decide the optimum purchase orders based on delivery time, price and supplier conditions.


G3 manages the complete sales cycle, from opportunity identification, customer order, custom production, product delivery to accounts receivable.

G3 integrates the manufacturing process when custom parts are ordered.

G3 offers a simple and powerful pricing and sales policy framework, implementing pricing policies that are time bound, affect a group of customers and groups of products and services.