Modern uncomplicated ERP platform.

Generate GCode and control CNC machines.

Process orders for customized products.

Complete payroll and human resources management solution.


SID3 is a software development platform for efficient, light and very fast Java EE web applications. SID3 focuses on programming business logic and replaces UI and database access code with a XML definition, effectively saving over 90% of the lines of code written when compared to other software development frameworks.

ATAMIRI is a multilingual natural language translator with a source language parser and interpreter and an independent target language synthesizer. ATAMIRI is not based on language pairs, ATAMIR “understands” the sentence in the source language and synthesizes the sentence in the target languages. The cost of developing a language is 2N instead of N (N+1) as in language pair based approaches.


We are developing a new web application firewall tailored for small-scale applications (50K users, 10K requests per hour). While there are good WAF services available in the market, they are designed for larger user bases and higher traffic volumes. Developing our own WAF addresses the security requirements of our applications and is cost effective.

A good WAF is designed to block suspicious web requests without affecting legitimate requests, while minimizing performance impact. 

We first built an analytics solution using Elastic Search to analyze the behavior of attackers and of legitimate users. With that knowledge we designed strategies to block attackers without impacting users. Our firewall blocks 99% of the attackers after the first request with zero false positives.

Although the attackers' requests may appear harmless, blocking them after the first bad request reduces the attack surface and discourages further attempts.

SID3 v2.4 includes forms stored in a JSON field, sid3.js builds the input fields defined in the JSON form on the web page. This feature simplifies management of variable data input, E.g. specifying part characteristics depending on the part ordered.