The need of custom and specialized software solutions that add features missing on legacy systems is increasing. Technology offers new opportunities that can benefit organizations if they develop custom solutions. Mobile solutions for tablets and phones as well as web applications can enhance the organization's performance. The lack of highly customized and specialized business applications keeps many organizations from adopting new technologies and service standards.

A simple custom web application can have a significant impact on customer service and make better use of the organization's resources. A web application simplifies collaboration on geographically dispersed teams, enables remote working, can save travel expenses and increase the useful working time of a team. Mobile applications can bring the power of the legacy system to the place where the work is actually done.

Integrating a highly customized web and mobile applications with most legacy systems is posible through standard technology like webservices, AJAX, SOAP, JSON, etc.

Developing specialized business applications can be expensive and time consuming. The requirements of specialized software are imposed by the current business scenario and usually change quickly. If software development takes to much time it will be obsolete when it is released, and the software features will never catch up with the current business requirements.

GUZRAL has developed technology that enables a small team to develop highly customized web and mobile applications in very short time. The SID3 development framework focuses on working the business needs, the development of the user interface and database interaction is automated.

GUZRAL offers high performance custom software development that make development of highly specialized software that add the required features to legacy systems in short time. GUZRAL also offers modern software solutions for Elections, Justice Administration and Enterprise Resource Management.

GUZRAL development methodology is based on Agile and SCRUM. Projects are lead by PMPs.